Signs Of Dating A Psychopath: Top 8 Advice To Deal With Them

However, dating a psychopath is not very uncommon but very unexpected. Dating a psychopath can be an adventurous as well as confusing and dangerous experience. 

Psychopaths are excellent manipulators who lack romantic feelings and show exploitative behavior to their partners. However, psychopaths are very attractive in the beginning. 

Still, with the progress of the relationship, their true nature is revealed by activities such as lying, gaslighting, and emotional and physical abuse. 

Understanding psychopaths and their negative impacts on a relationship is essential to figuring out red flags and avoiding potential harm. 

dating a psychopath concern

However, it is important to understand not all complicated relationships and partners are psychopaths. Learning more about them and their choices will help you to improve your dating life.

Why Is Dating A Psychopath Scary?

Dating a psychopath can be very scary and full of concerns due to multiple reasons. In this article, we will discuss why dating a psychopath is very scary and stressful.

Emotional Manipulation:

Psychopaths are very good at playing with someone’s emotions and controlling them. One moment, they’ll fill you with love and affection and the next moment they’ll be very apathetic towards you. 

Psychopaths use gaslighting tricks to manipulate your thoughts and doubt your own perceptions. This alternate carrot and stick pattern will create a strong emotional dependency on the psychopath.

Less Empathy:

Psychopaths always struggle to understand other’s emotions and feelings. They show false empathy when the situation serves their purpose. 

Psychopaths only prioritize their own needs and wants without caring for their partners. This often leads to abuse and alienation and their partner feels emotionally neglected.

Deceiving Behaviour:

Lying and deceiving are other traits of a psychopath. Sometimes, they don’t have a clear benefit to lie or deceive but still, they prefer to deceive for future profits. 

Such negative qualities of psychopaths are responsible for making them less trustworthy to others. Such constant dishonesty makes their partners feel confused and betrayed.

Fake Personality:

Psychopaths often prove themselves incredibly charming, charismatic, full of humor, and confident person in the beginning. With such charm, the partners feel secure and attracted to the psychopaths.

But with time, such a superficial personality gets rust and the partner lacks genuine emotional attachment. Partner decodes that the initial charm is actually well-crafted rather than showing who they are. 

Lack of Remorse:

With proper evidence of wrongdoings and guilt, psychopaths rarely do regret. They might try to offer apologies but a genuine sense of regret is always missing. 

Psychopaths offer apologies only to control the situation and manipulate their partners for their future advantage. Such qualities can deeply hurt those who expect accountability and responsibility from their partners. 

Parasitic Lifestyle:

Psychopaths often adopt parasitic lifestyles such as demanding financial support, housing, or other resources for their benefit. 

They might avoid efforts and responsibilities to drain their partner’s resources, and energy and deny to carry the burden along with their partners. 

Emotionally Unstable:

Psychopaths are known for their intense and unpredictable mood swings despite having charming personalities outside. 

They often have a sudden burst of emotions and anger which becomes very difficult to control. 

Such emotional instability creates misunderstanding and a volatile atmosphere that leads to separation.


Psychopaths always try to isolate their partners from their loved ones, such as their family, friends, etc. It helps the psychopath to keep control and also blocks the path for the partner to seek help.


Dating a psychopath can result in mental and emotional trauma in individuals. Partners often experience anxiety, depression, and confusion while dating a psychopath. Such emotional abuse and trauma may have long-lasting negative effects on future relationships.

Physical Danger:

Not all psychopaths are physically violent but there are risks that psychopaths abuse their partners physically.

Difficulty in Concluding a Relationship:

Psychopaths are less prone to accept rejection and may use extreme manipulation techniques that prevent their partner from leaving them.

Such manipulation techniques include threats, attempting suicide, promises to change, or blackmail.

8 Signs That You Are Dating A Psychopath:

A psychopath shows many common traits that will help you distinguish a psychopath from a genuine person. Individual psychopaths may have different traits but in most cases, they show similar characteristics. Here are the top 8 signs that will help you to understand if you are dating a psychopath.

signs of dating a psychopath

Superficial Charm:

Psychopaths are experts at showing superficial charm and charisma. They often promote their achievements and success and try to prove themselves superior to others. 

With time psychopaths fail to prove their charm and qualities and that creates doubts in their partner’s mind. Eventually, the charisma feds up, and the partner feels cheated.

Continuous Deceiving:

Psychopaths are more prone to deceive their partners and continuously lie about everything. Sometimes psychopaths don’t have a clear intention or profit behind the lies but still they deceive just to maintain their false image. 

Every person may lie at some point in their lives but psychopaths lie effortlessly and without any guilt. Even if anyone catches their lies, psychopaths blame that person by making fake allegations against them to show themselves superior. 

Lack of Empathy:

As psychopaths try to show themselves as superior to others, they don’t put effort into understanding situations from other’s perspectives.

Psychopaths show little to no concern about the feelings of others, even their partners.

Their responses to your emotions are very calculated and well-executed. Their response will be positive towards you only if it helps the psychopaths in the future.

Such a lack of empathy becomes critical when the partners require emotional support the most.

Master Of Manipulation:

Psychopaths are excellent at manipulating others. They use various techniques such as gas lighting, love bombers, guilt trips, etc to control and manipulate your emotions. 

Psychopaths have the ability to twist situations in any direction they want; especially in a direction that is suitable for them.

Sometimes, such manipulation influences the partners emotionally and they decide to make atonement without committing any mistakes. 


Psychopaths are usually self-centric and they make rush decisions without considering the consequences. They even make impulsive decisions in areas such as finance, lives, careers, and relationships.

Psychopaths can engage in risky behaviors that can impact both partner’s lives heavily. Such impulsivity and carelessness often create a chaotic situation that harms the partners and everyone around them.

Early Rush For Physical Intimacy:

As discussed earlier, psychopaths are very self-centric, many of them enter into relationships only for physical intimacy. Hence, psychopaths want to fulfill their wishes as soon as possible and quit the relationship.

In most cases, it has been reported that psychopaths tend to say “I Love You” much earlier than expected. Such quick progression is often used as a tactic by psychopaths to create a false sense of emotional intimacy. 


Many psychopaths are interested in exploiting their partner’s resources rather than taking responsibility. They prefer to use their partner’s resources, such as financial resources, reputation, and house to fulfill their demands.

This parasitic behavior drains the partner’s resources and energies over time, eventually creating tension between them.

However, in most cases, partners fail to realize their psychopath partner’s parasitic behavior because of their charming personality which leads to serious problems in the future. 

Lack Of Long-Term Vision:

Psychopaths usually enter into a relationship for short-term benefits. They usually don’t have any long-term vision about the relationship as after fulfilling their wishes most probably they’ll quit the relationship.

Due to this reason, psychopaths often have multiple short-term relationships and multiple partners. Psychopaths might talk about big dreams but show very little effort in pursuing them.

How To Deal With Psychopaths In A Relationship:

Dealing with a psychopath is not easy and can be very challenging as well as tricky. Psychopaths don’t like rejection or losing and hence they’ll try their best to defame or insult you. Here are top 8 advice about how to deal with a psychopath in a relationship:

Creating A Boundary:

If you are aware that your partner is a psychopath, you must create a clear boundary with your psychopath friend or partner.

It’ll prevent your psychopath partner from crossing the line and exploiting you and your resources without any fear. Creating a boundary will also help you to control your feelings about that person.

how to deal with psychopath in a relationship

Build a Supporting Network:

Psychopaths always tend to separate their partners from their family, friends, and loved persons.

If you are a victim of this, try to reconnect and maintain a healthy relationship with your close people and seek emotional support and advice over that situation.

It may create a conflict with your psychopath partner but you need to follow what you prefer to do.

Record Everything:

If you are dating a psychopath and want to end the relationship, it can be challenging to do it. Psychopaths often use many manipulation techniques such as gaslighting, blackmail, physical abuse, and threats to prevent you from quitting the relationship. 

If you are honest from your side, record everything such as texts, calls, incidents, manipulations, and other abusive behaviors. It’ll help you to protect yourself and get justice if you need legal protection.

Practice Self Care:

Dating a psychopath can affect your self-esteem. Engage in positive activities, redeem your self-esteem and strength, and practice self-care for your overall well-being.

Also, plan a safe exit with the help of your family, and friends, and if needed don’t be shy to ask for help from domestic violence organizations.

Educate Yourself:

If you want to deal with a smart psychopath, you need to educate yourself about psychopaths and their manipulative behaviours.

Understanding their manipulation pattern will help you to prevent yourself falling on their traps. 

Financial Protection:

Psychopaths mainly try to use your financial resources for their benefits.

Hence, protect yourself from financial frauds by your partner by closing joint accounts, changing passwords, and monitoring your financial credits and liabilities. 

Consider Legal Protection:

Psychopaths can be violent and physcially abuse their partner if they don’t fulfill their purpose.

In such situation, ask for legal protection and consult with a lawyer to understand what you can do at that moment. Your safety must be your main priority.

Seek Professional Help:

Dating a psychopath not only hurt you financially or physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Consult with therapists who deal with personality disorders and seek their guidance and help to rebuild your mental health and prioritize your needs.

Dating a psychopath can be very difficult and it may affect your overall growth. Also, it is very difficult to escape from them but not impossible.

Be patient and prepare your chess moves to deal with the situation. Allow yourself to heal and focus on positive works such as your hobbies and ensure a better future for you.

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