4 Reasons Why Some Women Make Love With Dogs: Is It Ethical Or Legal?

Since ancient times, people, especially women have had a special place in their hearts for dogs. Among the many relationships, women share an extraordinary bond with dogs like no other. The bond between a woman and her dog resembles a bond of loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love. 

But in recent times, due to some distorted fantasies, although rare, but some women make love with dogs which caught the attention of many people. Recently a 20-year-old Mississippi woman Denise Frazier was arrested for the second time after being intimate with her dog. But why do some women make love with dogs over men? Let’s find out. 

Why do dogs become one of the best friends of women?

Before we dive into the fact of why some women make love with dogs, it is important to understand why dogs have a special place in women’s hearts and become their best friends within a concise period. 

Unwavering Loyalty:

Dogs are well-known for their loyalty to their human companionship and this trait attracts women to create a strong bond with their pet dogs. Many women believe that a dog’s loyalty becomes constant regardless of the situation, unlike men. Either a moment of joy or darkness of sorrow, a dog will stand by her mistress in every situation. 

Emotional Support:

In today’s fast-paced world, no relationship is permanent. Loneliness is the reality of any relationship and this results in mental stress and trauma for many women who are tired of facing new challenges in every aspect of their lives. In such a situation, a dog not only provides constant companionship to the woman but also gives emotional support to her. A little cuddle with dogs and playing with her furry pets definitely uplift any woman’s spirit and make her confident enough to challenge difficulties.

Non-Judgemental Nature:

Dogs are excellent listeners and they’ll company and encourage you to speak when you try to tell them your inner thoughts. Unlike many people, dogs don’t judge their owners by their speech or thoughts. This quality of the dogs helps any woman to share her secrets and gradually create a strong bond between them.

Encourage Active Lifestyle:

In the modern world, where people are more worried about work and less focused on their health and lifestyle, dogs can be a great motivator for staying active. Your pet dog can encourage you to do a brisk walk, outdoor adventure, or some kind of agility training that can help you break the monotonous routine of daily life. The dogs thrive on activity and they expect their owner to join them and make the activity more exciting. 

Provide Sense of Security:

In today’s uncertain world, dogs often provide vigilant companionship and a sense of security to those women who live alone and far from their families. Dogs are naturally protective of their owners and if a woman seeks added reassurance, the presence of a dog like Cane Corso, Rottweiler, Doberman, or German Shepherd provides them a sense of security and peace of mind.

From providing emotional support to a sense of security, dogs help to comfy women in many ways that men are unable to provide the women. Hence, women, especially those who live alone far from family due to work and often feel lonely, often find a silent and obedient partner in their pet dogs.

Why Some Women Make Love With Dogs?

Multiple factors influence why some women make love with dogs such as psychological factors, bad experiences in the past, social and cultural factors, etc.

Psychological Factors:

Some women may have experienced trauma or bad experiences with men and that experience turned them into misandrist. Such women often seek love, care, solace, or intimacy from another woman, and when it is not possible they turn to their pets, especially dogs.

In some cases, it is also found that some women found a sense of control or power while being intimate with animals which they usually lack in human companionship. 

Additionally, some women also struggle with psychological disorders that result in unconventional behavior including having intimacy with their pet dogs.

Social and Cultural Influence:

Societal norms often impose strict sexual limitations and expectations, especially on females, that lead them to seek physical pleasure from alternative outlets such as their pet dogs. 

Cultural norms often impact the perception of relationships and intimacy. For example, cultural impacts sometimes lead to tree marriage, and just like that some tribal cultures still allow pre-historic zoophilia and bestiality. 

Some women often feel alone and experience isolation in their daily lives, normally seeking mental and physical support from their pets which sometimes extends abnormally to intimacy.

woman make love with dog

Consent and Judgements:

Some individuals erroneously believe that animals, especially their pet dogs easily provide informed consent by ignoring the lines between ethical and unethical behavior. 

Also, the fear of societal judgment and rejection often forces some individual women to embrace taboo behavior such as making love with dogs to avoid scrutiny. 

Physiological Factors:

During their teenage, many women experience significant hormonal changes that impact their sexual desire and behaviors. In some cases, the desire becomes wild and pushes them to engage in unconventional sexual activities with animals.

Also, hormonal changes during a young age sometimes (very rarely although) influence attraction towards animals. However, the chance of getting pregnant by having sex with an animal is way less. Thus many young girls opt to engage in intimate activities with their pets.

Is it ethical or legal if women make love with dogs?

It is neither ethical nor legal if anyone tries to exploit their pet mentally or physically. Such activities raise ethical questions regarding animal consent, welfare, and risk of transmitting disease through sexual activities. 

Animals cannot provide informed consent as humans do and thus many individuals believe that animals also enjoy such activities which is wrong. 

Also, after being intimate with humans, animals may have adverse experiences such as confusion, fear, or trauma. This negative experience can affect their trust and bond with humans, potentially resulting in psychological distress and behavioral issues.

In many countries, making love with animals is considered a punishable offense by law due to the matter of animal welfare and public morality. Anyone who is directly or indirectly engaged in such activities may face criminal charges, imprisonment, and extreme fines. 

Denise Frazier, the example we have given above, when the first time was arrested in Mississippi, her bond was set at $20,000. But when she violated the law again, she was sent to prison in Jones County. 

Another incident happened in North Fort Myers, Florida, when 26-year-old Samantha White was sexually engaged with her dog multiple times and her husband John White recorded it. Later, Samantha was arrested for sexual activities with her dog and John was arrested for filming pornographic content where an animal is engaged. 

Dogs are one of the most beautiful pets in the world that provide you with company even in your worst times. Respect their personal space and choice and don’t do anything that can stress them.

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