7 Reasons Why Most High School Relationships Fail

High school relationships are one of the most beautiful moments of our school lives. Such romantic relationship happens between school students, either in the same classrooms or between different schools. 

High school relationships are often the first feeling of love in an individual that they remember throughout their life. In some cases, the experience of first high school love is toxic but generally, individuals remember such a relationship as a matter of pleasure.

Despite having such beautiful and romantic moments in school days, most of the relationships fall apart with time due to various factors. Let’s dive into the world of high school relationships and try to find out their characteristics and reasons why such relationship often fails to deliver expectations.

why do most of the high school relationship fails?

Characteristics of High School Relationships:

Several distinctive characteristics make a high school relationship different from other kinds of relationships that we experience in the later stages of our lives.


High school relationships are often exploratory by nature as they serve as a platform for the adolescent to express their love, feelings, and romantic desires. Students often use their first relationship to understand themselves and their preference for love.


High school relationships often experience a roller coaster of emotions such as infatuation, excitement, and one-sided love, and sometimes even it results in intense heartbreak. The intensity and seriousness are too high in such a relationship because of the newness and sanctity of the relationship.

Learning Opportunity:

High school relationships often provide a great learning opportunity for individuals such as how to develop communication and relationship skills, how to compromise, and how to solve conflicts with maturity, etc. Individuals often learn how to address and fix issues such as jealousy, insecurity, and trust issues in a relationship.

Transient Nature:

High school romances are transient and live for a short period to a few years. In this period, individuals still try to discover themselves and understand what attracts them the most. When the conditions aren’t fulfilled, the adolescent couple often fight over small issues and break up due to lack of maturity.

Parental influence:

Parental influence is one of the most significant characteristics of high school relationships as parents play a vital role in making decisions about an individual’s life. 

Parents often interfere with various subjects in student’s life such as studying, extracurricular activities, and even friendship or relationships. 

In case, if parents feel any relationship or friendship is not right for us, they often inform us about that and sometimes also force us to get rid of the relationship or friendship.

Longlasting Impact:

High school relationships might be short-lived but their impacts are long-lasting in teenager’s lives, social, and emotional developments. Positive experience leads to faster personal growth and resilience while bad experiences in relationships result in trauma, self-doubt, and pessimism. 

Why do most of the high school relationships fail?

Only 2% of high school couples end up marrying each other. Let’s discuss what are the factors that affect high school relationships that result in decline.

high school love why unsuccessful

1. Immaturity:

Teenagers are not emotionally or psychologically well-developed at that age and hence their understanding and needs are either limited or too much. It often creates obstacles in immature relationships.

2. Changing Priorities: 

Due to immaturity, adolescent’s priority towards life and relationship changes very rapidly and it is very difficult for partners to cope with it. What they prioritize today in a relationship, there is a very high chance that priority won’t be the same after a few months. 

3. Lack of Communication:

However, effective communication is very important to keep any relationship alive. But during school days, most of the students lack the necessary communication skills that help them to express their needs, feelings, or anxiety properly. Also, teenagers often don’t have their personal mobile phones or privacy which creates a barrier to communication.

4. Social Pressure:

High school relationships are often influenced by societal norms and peer pressure. Teenagers often have to deal with many social norms and pressure as a burden that they need to fulfill without a choice. It leads to a dilemma about their relationship status and ethical conduct. 

5. Insecurity and Jealousy:

Due to insecurity, teenagers often have to struggle with insecurity and jealousy in their relationships that are fueled by their friends. Putting certain limitations on partners and lack of trust create a negative emotion and tension between them. It ultimately results in eroding and breaking down a healthy relationship.

6. Lack of Experience:

High school relationships are most of the time the first romantic relationship in an individual’s life. Without having previous romantic experience, individuals often commit mistakes in relationships and fail to understand their partner. 

Hence, teenagers likely struggle to deal with the complexities of intimacy, compromise, and commitment due to their childish behavior, thoughts, and actions.

7. Different Life Trajectories:

Student life is full of uncertainty because individuals have no idea where life will bring them in the future. With changing priorities, students realize their ultimate goals and aspirations in life, and most of the time that are not compatible with their partners. Such discrepancies often result in the end of the relationship by having mutual respect intact. 

High school relationships are one of the most beautiful feelings, memories, and experiences in the world that can be either positive or negative. If you had a positive experience in your high school relationship, it’ll definitely help you to foster your personal, emotional, and social growth. But if the experience was a bitter one, don’t be sad because the negative experiences from the past will make you wise.

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